gritty Rōnin


This is what I do

Opinionated full-stack web developer and cloud engineer; competent, experienced and battle hardened.

Sometimes available for interesting project work; comes with mojo and ideas as standard. No time wasters please!

Contact me at , agencies are always welcome to discuss contract work.

The company gritty Rōnin Limited is registered in England, UK.

Bath, United Kingdom — fluent in English
Wien, Österreich — fließend Deutsch

Twitter , YouTube , Reddit , ₿itcoin and here are links to my public PGP and RSA keys.

This is what I did

Researched and designed the company's Google GCP cloud architecture. Assisted with the design of the RESTful micro-service architecture and implemented the IaC/devops procedures.
Institute of Physics
Designed and implemented the reference architecture for an event driven micro-service publishing platform. Introduced Docker containers and Puppet controlled RPM package deployment for the Amazon cloud. Taking and active part in the companies effort to outsource in-house development.
Researched and designed the company's Amazon AWS cloud architecture. Prototyped an event driven micro-service architecture hosted in the cloud to replace a large monolithic application.
Future Publishing
Designed and implemented the RESTful micro-service architecture to expand on the existing publishing platform. Technical lead for the companies first effort to outsource in-house development.
Designed and implemented an affiliated advertising platform.
Wolff Olins
Designed and implemented the development of an Intranet/Extranet for staff and client collaboration. Designed and implemented a web based email and calendar system.
My first start-up, writing a novel e-commerce platform at the very beginning of the Internet boom.
University of Westminster
First-class honours in Artificial intelligence.
player, coder, team mate, winner, loser, clown
gritty Rōnin